• puffs campfire animation set
  • BBC2 Indents
  • myron animation set for puffs
  • Puffs Tissues ad campaign – Park scene [U.S.A. Canada]
  • Animatable fire truck for a stop frame animation commercial.
  • factory animation set  puffs

    Model Makers for Animation

    Model making and 3D prop making for stop frame animation.
    For over 17 years we have been involved in model making for stop frame animation sets and props .
    We have also made many replacement models which are a key element in the creation of stop frame animated films. Set building and prop making for 3d animation is slightly different to other areas of model making.
    Many of the props have to be functional and robust enough to endure the repetitive movement and handling of the animators. With hours and hours of shooting you just can not afford to have any props fail and ruin the shot. With this in mind we have a ‘belt and braces’ approach when it comes to animation modelmaking.
    The model maker will work closely with the animator and art director to ensure that they get what they need.

    Over the years we have made animation sets with removable walls, magnetic floors, backdrops, live fire effects and running water. We have constructed fully animatable vehicles and factories.

    Our prop makers also turn their hand to set dressing creating winter wonderlands, vast cityscapes, arid deserts and lush rainforests.
    Normally one of our modelmakers will be on stand by for the duration of the shoot to make any last minute changes and to assist in the repositioning of the sets and props. Occasionally we even get involved with the animation of background props and special effects.

    Our 3D stop motion animation claims to fame include….

    CBeebies googly eyed brussel sprouts
    Christmas on BBC2 idents with replacement skiing number ‘2’s
    Huggies nappies [USA]
    Nestea verses Charlies Angels
    We made all the sets and props for Puffs tissue ad campaign [USA Canada] that ran for 10 years.
    For this project we worked with Mackinnon and Saunders [of Bob the Builder fame] who constructed all the puppets.