• sci fi bed prop
  • lucozade
  • Coldplay Higher Power video instruments.
  • Whack a mole.
  • Bespoke pistol drinks cabinet.
  • caravan catering wagon
  • Gringotts Mint Coin Press
  • Citroen H Van conversion
  • Neverbird
  • Modelmakers Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Modelmakers Lens assembly prop for ‘The Man from Uncle’
  • Giant old style TV for the Anchorman 2 red carpet event.
  • Large scale bottles models
  • 3D Zoetrope created for EDF Energy 2012
  • Full size outboard engine models for Cox Powertrain.

    Modelmakers – 3D Prop Makers Alchemy 3dc

    Modelmakers and prop makers Alchemy 3dc have been creating 3d models and props for over 25 years from our studio just outside London.


    Full model / prop making service

    Unlike other model makers we don’t specialise in one particular area of model making. We offer a full model / prop making service for all types of industries. Over the years we have made Film and TV props, exhibition models, display models, industrial models, prototypes, bespoke models for advertising, interactive models, museum display models, bespoke furniture models, sets/props for 3d stop frame animation and large scale models and props for PR events.


    ‘I have a strange request……’ Our modelmaking team are used to dealing with unusual requests. If you need something built that’s a bit out of the ordinary, we’ll find a way to do it. Our wide knowledge of model making techniques and our creative approach means that we can handle just about any modelmaking and prop making project that comes along. As a result we love a challenge here at Alchemy 3dc. Our professional model makers combine traditional model making and the latest equipment and processes to provide a comprehensive commercial prop and model making service.


    The model making services we provide include large scale prop manufacture, toolmaking ,creative fibreglass moulding and GRP moulding. Furthermore are experts in scale model making , 3d printing, silicon moulding, resin casting, sculpting, bespoke metal fabrication, pattern making for vac forming, spray finishing and laser cutting.


    ‘If we don’t do it we will probably know someone who can.’


    Finally our claims to model making fame include ….

    A wide variety of prop making for Harry Potter and for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

    Appearing on Blue Peter in a behind the scenes film about making giant gnomes, and consequently yes we did get a badge.

    Animation Sets and props for BBC 2 idents.

    Making a range of weapons for Men in Black and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

    Creating the GRP/ fiberglass pattern and moulds for the James Bond Q boat.

    When Batman needed a safe place to put his valuables he gave us a call.


    If you’d like to discuss your modelmaking requirements further please contact us here.