Model Makers for Animation

In recent years we have become involved in the production of sets, props and 'replacement models' for 3D stop frame animations. We have found this work refreshingly different to other areas of our business and this has enabled us to learn new techniques and experiment with new materials.

  • astore-animation-set-puffs
  • campfire-animation-set-puffs
  • factory-animation-set-puffs
  • fbbc2-2-ident-xmas-tv-film-animation-model
  • firetruck-puffs-animation-model
  • huggies-animation-set-prop-model
  • myron-animation-set-puffs
  • park-animation-set-puffs
  • snowman-animation-set-puffs
  • supermarket-animation-set-puffs
  • cbbc2-ident-xmas-tv-film